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Beej mantra: Friends: Sun, Venus. Enemies: Moon. Neutral : Sat. Lord of: Gemini , Virgo. Moolt rikona: Virgo Exaltat ion: Virgo Debilitation : Pisces Sex: male eunuch. Direction: North. Lucky stone: Emerald, onyx 5cts. Lucky nos: 5, 14, Deity: Vishnu, Lord Narayan. Om bream breem braum 5 ;' hudhaye namah. Appearance: Well built large body, potite talk, taste for wit and humor, bilious, rheumatic. Ailments: Disorders in brain and vocal organs, mental diseases, nervous break- down, impotency, fevers, itches, fractures, typhoid, vertigo, cervical, excessive sweating, stammering, diseases of eyes neck nose, boils, poisoning, white leprosy, piles, indigestion, liver, stomach, intestinal problems.

Represents: Intellect, reasoning, speech, wit, mixture of the dhat us moola jeeva. Prominent qualities: Vidya karoka. Mercury in the nakshatra of various planets tends to give ailments as under: Sun: Neuralgia. Moon: Highly imaginative, worrying type. Mars: Headache, nervy, mental aberrations. Mere: Self-confidence, great mental power. Mercury Jup: Great stamina. Yen: Leucoderma. Sat: Mental aberrations. Rahu: Timidity, inferiority complex. Kethu: Mental aberrations. Mercury conjuncts 6th lord in tagna. Mere Moon gett ing afflicted in 3rd or 11th cause car trouble. Mercury's assoc iation with 7th produces nervous exhaustion.

Alll iction of Mercury causes pulmonary diseases. Mercury as 3rd lord in Iagna affects longevity of younger brother. Mercury in signs Ari es: Quick decisi ve mi nd, lacks patience, gives attention to detai ls, argumentat ive, fond of gambling, hypocr ite, ment al ly di sturbed, piles. Merc ury conj unct Mars in 6th gives wounds, skin erupt ion etc. Taurus: Slow in action and thought , shrewd and pract ica l , busi ne ss mi nded , powe r o f concentration.

GeminI: Logical versat ile mi nd, arti culate and witty, good at problem solving. Cancer : Retentive memory, susceptible to what others think. Leo: Strong minded but poor grasp, slow to form and change opinions, good at sell ing ideas, hen pecked. Virgo: An analytical rati onal mind, over- fussy in details. Gives raj ayoga with Moon. Sco rpio: An intui tive mind, sharp-tongued, secretive and scheming, piles. Capricorn: Organized pract ica l mi nd wi t h 10 t h: Academic achievement furthers career h i gh power of co nc ent rat ion, th oroug h, prospects, succes s in profession or business.

Mercury is auspic ious here. I I th : Intellect ual. Some observations 1. Mercury if aspect 6th or 8th gives swe lling in arm pits. Dispos itor of Mercury in 6th, 8th or h makes educat ional career hampered. Mercury in l st, 4t h or 10th in own house makes a very tactful person who may not be frank and forthright.

Mercury in 6t h in Virgo confers prosperity through patronage of cous ins. Mercury conjunct 6th lord can give heart probl ems. Merc ury in 3rd for Arie s and Cancer Iagnas gives good and high education. Mercury in Virgo for Sagittar ius lagna gives good and rich wife, nati ve prospers professionally. Merc ury's sambandha with 4th or 9t h lords gives astrology. Mercury in 8th in Virgo gives fame, success and di stinct ion. Mercury with a node in 6th, Sth or 12th gives nervous di sease. Mercury and Jupiter in mutual kendms gives success in journalism. Mercur y ahead of Sun longitudinally and quite close, the nati ve will be ascholar but will not enj oy much financ ial prosperity.

Strong and unaff'l ict cd Mercury gives great power of conce ntrat ion in studies and in his sphere of work. Merc ury in J'" house indicates good hand- writing. Combinations of Mercury with Planets Mere [up: i Fond of music and acti ng. Mere Yen: i Eloquent, gives poever of expression bot h oral and while wr iting. Mere Sat: i Cheat, disobedient, pessimist, nervous, inferiority complex. Mere Rahu: In lagna makes native suspicious and afraid of deception, overcautious. Effects of Mercury for different ascendants : Aries- ma lef ic; Tau r us -benefic; Gemi ni-benefic; Cance r -malefic; Leo-malefic; Virgo-benefic; Libra-benefic; Scor pio-malefic; Sagitt arius-benefic; Capricor n-benefic; Aquar ius-malefic; Pi sces-benefic.

Mercury represents j il'tl livi ng beings. Sun, Moon, Mars. Mercury, Venus, Saturn. Sagittari us, Pisces. Cancer 5". Capri corn S. Loss of' appetite, infective fever s. Robust health. Col icky pai ns, gall stones. Nort h-cast. Yellow sapphire, Golden to paz 4 to 6 cts. Lucky colours: Yell ow shades lemon, light blue. Lucky nos: J, 12, Deity: l ndra.

Brahma, Lord Narayana. Aliments: Diabetes, jaundice, vertigo, gall-bladder, anemic, body pains, ment al upset s, stomach troubl es, piles, gas eous troubles, diseases of ears spleen lungs or navel, giddiness, fevers, dropsy, dyspepsia, abscesses, fl at ulence, hernia, cerebral problems, cataract, carbuncl es, adrenals, enlargement of organs, swooning. Represents: Wisdom, knowledge, happiness and plemiful,j eeva. Prominent qualities: A sp iritual, philosophical planet of expansion and dignity, gives spirituality and wisdom.

An ideal istic planet, biped. Good hea lth. Chronicity of diseas es. Colic, dysentery, anorexia. Liver abscess, infective hepati tis. Affl icted Jupiter' s aspect on 6t h causes diabetes. Afflic ted Jupiter' s aspect 0 11 8th ca uses pi les. Affliction to Jup, 4t h house and Cancer sign gives cough. Jupiter in houses 1st: Get s di rectio nal st rength wealth, worl dly prosperity, fortunate, long lived parents, dut iful ch ildren, sweet ton gued , a dign ifi ed bearing, act ions and ges tures on a grand scale. Taurus: Over-in dul ge nt habit s, self- grat ifi cat ion, realist ic expectations.

Gemini : Very soc iable, inte ll ect ua l conce it, orator ical abi li ty, benevol ent, pure-hea rted. Cancer: St rong sense o f fami ly l ife, wanIs comfor tab le environments, helpful to ot hers in ne ed, goss ipy. In Can cer in Sth- more female issues. Virgo: Selfish, learned. Li bra: Infl uence throu gh populari ty and soc ial prest ige, be l ieves in justi ce and fa ir pl ay, phil osophi ca l ou tlook, t oo depe nde nt 0 11 ot hers, o pe n minded, unassuming, courteous. Scorpio: Rigid be li e fs , acce nt uated scxuali ty, delusi on s o f i nvi nc i bi l ity, wea k const it ut ion, passionate, proud.

Sagittarius: Spi ritual quest , farsighted aims, mora l preach ing, charitable, open mi nded. Ca prico rn: Co nc er ne d abo ut se lf- respect andreputation, tact less. Aq uarius: Philanthropic ideal s, medi - tative. Pisces: Humane and service t o humanity, e nj oys s o l i t ude , s to ut body, lac ks discipl ine. Jupiter alone in 11 t h uuaspected by malefic shows God 's grace and good fortune. Jupit er Venus conj unct ion or mutual aspect shows that love and goodness oozes, from the nati ve.

Jupit er with a node makes native to scoff at rel igion. Jupiter in 4t h from Moon gives longevity to mother. Jupiter Venus in 7t h or 10th from Moon gives comfortable profe ssion, happy marriage. Jup iter ill next sign to Saturn gives start of career at a coveted level and if no planet is, in between Jupiter and Saturn then success is clear and smooth. Jupite r in next sign to Venus gives a capable and devoted part ner. Jupiter aspects Mercury - smooth and mer itorious educat ional course.

Jupiter 's associati on with Sat urn is good for spiritual life and sadgati. Jupiter as lagnesh in eighth gives much weal th. Jupiter as lord of 11th in Capri corn docs not al low one to amass wealth. Jupiter' s aspect on 8th removes chances of scandals and gives teerath yatras. AJ upitarian is more attached to his issues than his wife. A Venus ian is more attached to his wife than issues. Jupiter in 12th in aspect to Venus or vice versa makes a man very wealthy. J upiter in Aquarius is consider ed to be in exaltat ion by some seers.

J upiter a karaka of friends having sambandha with ] Ith gives good friends. If Jupiter aspects 10th, then the funeral rites would be performed by son, meaning that nati ve must bege t a son. For Aries Jupiter in 12th or neecha is good. Jupiter in 4th in own sign makes a woman pure and happy. Retrogress ion deprives J upit er of its kendradhipati dosa. Weak and affl icted Jupiter in 6t h causes putradosa. A retrograde planet in 4th from Jupiter hinders progeny happiness.

Jupiter's aspect is always more bene ficial than stay even when we ak. Jupiter in 5th or 9t h gives high intuitive power. Any retrograde planet in 4t h from Jupiter will check progeny happiness. Jupiter' s transit 0 11 natal Rahu posited in Jup iter sign- disadvantage in t hat year. J upiter in 2nd long life to nat ive: in 11th long life to father. Jupiter in 1, 9, or 11th houses makes life prosperous. Jupiter as kendra lord in kendra gives aus picious results. Jupi ter ' s aspec t on Moen does not allow mind to do wrong th ings.

Ju piter in 4th, 6th or 8th from Moon is not conducive for financial stabil ity. Sec point no. Jupiter normally weakens the house it occupies. Jupiter in houses 1, 2, 5 or 9 indicates persistent flow of money, Combinations of Jupiter with planets [up Moon:. Jupiter' s as pect on Sat urn, without latter 's returning it is good for practical poli tics and mundane prosper ity. Effects of Jupiter for different ascendants. Ar ies - benefi c; Tau r us -malefic; Ge mi n i-benefi c ; Ca nce r-benefic ; Len-benefic; Virgo-benefic; Lib r a- ma lefi c; Scor pio-benefi c; Sagitta r i us-benefic; Cap r ico r n- ma lefic; Aq ua r ius-malefic; Pisces-benefic.

J upit er represents j i m living bei ngs. A sheershodaya planet. Karaka: Wife, marriage, pleasures of senses , conv eyances, ornaments, luxury articles, watery places, passions, sex ual desires. Enemi es: Sun, Moon. Lord of: Taurus, Libra. Sex: Fema le. Di rection: South-cast. Deity: Shachi. Beej mantra: Om dhraam dhreem dhraum st' shukraye namah. Pt II Articles of donations: Ghee, camphor, curd, silver, rice, sugar, white cloth flowers or cow on Friday at Sun- rise.

Appearance: Handsome body. Ailmen ts: Venereal diseases, diabetes, stone in bladder or kidney, cata ract, dropsy, fits, genital t roubles, swelling, exc ruciat ing pains in body, white leprosy, urinary di seases, di seases of face eyes and private parts, parotidit is euphoria, exc ess ive sex urge or emissions, small pox, in females- menstrual disorders and the like.

Represents: Sensua l pleasures, erotic impulses. Venus in the nakshatara or various planets tends to give illnesses as under: Sun: Eye diseases, Moon: Vaginal problems. Mars: Sex perversions. Mere: Leucoderma, gono rrhea, pigmentation of skin, burning in micturation. Venus 27 Venus in houses 1st : Hand some, I iked by opp.

Jove of spec ulat ion as spo rt, taste in musi c, more daughters, fo nd of t ravel s, craze for sty le and luxury, an urge to be popular. Good health. Sexual d iseases. Nymphomaniacs, V. Venus with Mars, Sat. Venus aff li cted by Sat urn or Kethu spo ils beauty and gives eczema. Affliction of Venus hy Mercury and Saturn weaken s man s sexual potency. Venus in signs Aries: Stro ng keen a ffectionate nat ur e, s e l f i sh, q uarre lso me , se vera l love attachm ent s, ardent affectionate natu re, men ta lly passi onate.

Tauru s: Re nowned. Ge min i: Learned, wealt hy, serves govt. Ca n ce r : Pa s s io nat e , so r rowful , t imi d, overemotiona l, fick le love wi th many person s of cha ngea ble and inconstancy nat ure. Vlrgo: Co o l, c ri t ic a l , unde mo ns trat iv e affection, puncti liou s more me nt al sat is fact ion th rough love than sex union , plural marriages if afflicted. Libra: Cha rming, loveable. Scorpio: Pass ionate and int ense love which may t urn t o hat red due to j e a lo us y, 28 Practi cal Vedic Astrology 8 th : Good for longevity and wealth, troubles in love affairs, ill health of wife, failure in law suit s, delayed ma rri age, poss ible benefits through ma rriage and inheritance.

Tr oubl e s In car ly ma rr ia ge , good bed pleasures, peaceful death, love of mystery, good longevity. Sagittarius: Rich and virt uous, affai rs wit h more t han o ne person but fin all y a very successful marr iage. Capricorn: Too practica l and too strict in deal ings with his loved ones , s incere stab le affection, fick le love affa irs. Aquarius: Det ached unemot ional love, one prefers friendship than love, di sappoi ntment s in love and del ayed ma rriage due to long court ship.

Pisces: Learned, popular, respected wea lthy, number of attac hment s though happy marriage in the end. Nega t ive Venus makes one mean-mi nded, licent ious, unscrupulous and having illicit love. Affliction to Venus has an adverse effect on morals, 4. Venus inown house gives indulgence in sex, a litt le inexcess but wi th life partner. Malcfi cs in 4th and 8th from Venus can give widowhood. Powerful Venus in 2nd to Saturn gives prosperity in profession after marriage. Venu s in debi litation makes one to have access to low born women.

Venus in enemy' s house gives little happiness from sex and marr iage. Comb ust Venus gives one a vulgar and charmless marri ed life. Venus in upachayaya or 7th makes one's bhagya after marriage. Venus in own trimsamsa makes one vel ' passionate. Venus ill movable rasi in female's chart shows that her husband has affai rs with ot her women.

Venus in 3rd, 7t h or l Ith from Moon gives vehicles. Male fic Venus brings alcohol ism and diabetes. Afflicted Venus in a dual sign gives many girl friends.

What do the planets symbolize?

Venus in 2nd from Sun makes one ar istocratic, of virtuous disposition, intelligent. Venus 29 Affl ict ion of Venus in a Ma n' s chart affli ction of Mar s in a woman's chart makes marriage full of problems. Venus is ausp icio us w hen ahead of Sun. Mar ital bliss is wiped off: If 1 Mars in a Jupitarian sign as pectcd is by Jupiter; or 2 Venus is surrounded by Sun and Moon in referen ce to 7th house; or 3 There is mutua l exchange of lords of 4th and 9th; or 4 Lords of 4lh and 9th are debilitated.

Venus Rahu Mars in 3 successive signs in this order mars ha ppiness in married life. Venu s in 12th in aspect of Jupiter or vice versa gives wea lth. Jupi ter and Venus as angular lords in 2 nd or house become rea l maroka. Combinations of Venus with planets Yen Sat: Married life full of trials and tribulations, low blood pressure, gets popularity, insatiate sex life, di scord all marital front. Yen Rahu: Ga ins through compute r profess ion, decline in native's pro sperity from Kcthu's dasa, elopement , marriage out of cas te.

If in Leo- married life bad.

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Effects of Venus for differenl ascendants: Aries-benefic; Ta ur us-benefic; Gemini-benefic; Cancer-mal efi c; Leo-benefic; Vi rgo- benefic: Libra-benefic; Scor pio-malefi c; Capri corn-yogakaraka; AtJuari us-yogakaraka; Pisces-malefic. Venus rep resents moota veget ation.

A sheershodnya planet Tamslk, Airy, uuteaste Karaka: Longevity, miseries, calamit ies, death, old age, ail me nts, povert y, penury.


Neutral: Jupiter. Lord of: Cap ricorn, Aquarius. Mooltrlkona: Aquarius , Exaltat ion: Libra Direction: west. Lucky stone: Blue sapphire, amethyst. Lucky colours: Gray, navy blue, blacki sh. Deity: Brahma. Si va Ma hamrity unjaya Japa. Appearan ce: Tall lean body, yellowish eyes, big teet h, surveying, contract ors, miners, cheats.

Ailments: Diseases caused by pollution, mental t. Represents: Delays obstructio ns, miseries, sorrows, democracy, moksha karaka. Prominent qualities: Planet oflogic, phi losophy, renunciation, impotency, st ingy planet, destruct ive forces, cold icy planet, secret ive, barre n. Saturn in the nakshatras of various planets tends to give ailments as under: Sun: Eye diseases, spleen, T. Moon: Menstrual troubles, melancholia, fear of future , hard labour. Mars: Erupt ive fevers, boil s; tumours, colies, blood di seases. Saturn in signs Aries: Ruddy comp lexion.

Taurus: Heavy lu mpish appe arance wo rl d ly di s pos iti on , material is t ic o ut look. Gemlmi : Ta ll stat ure, perve rse , ingenious but unpo li s hed language, hypocrite, ve ry act ive , cheats others, harbours ill fee lings. Cancer: Jealous. Virgo: Incl ined to melancholy, ta ll body with black and plent iful ha ir, reserved, wicked, far sig ht ed, servi le habi ts. Scor pio : Prone t o do vio le nt and dangerous acti on s, bo ld, adventurou s, qua rr elsome, some chron ic a ilment, opposed to ot her s.

Sagittarius: Lover offriends, Merciful to enemies, wi ll iug t o do good to all , 1I 0t coveto us , not talkat ive, right conduct. Capr ico rn : Peevis h.

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Saturn in houses I st : Wor ks according to clock, docs not believe in 'God, mental worry, no body comfort. If in signs 7, 9. Misfortune in travel s, accidents from vehicles, harsh voi ce. Saturn in ooncha or sway gives good speculat ive returns and income from prope rty. Troublesome servants, losses t hrou gh enemies. Sex or bladder or eye diseases. Robust healt h.

Undiagnosed diseases, impotency, extreme pessi mis m. Dehydrat ion. Saturn afflict ing Mercury causes fear complex, ear trouble, asthma. Saturn affiicting Jupiter causes impotency, sciati ca and bright's disease. Sat Sun in evil aspect causes V. Sat urn is responsible for prol onged diseases;' narr ow ing' and' defects ' in body. In fema le c hart - ma rr ied life unroman tic and charmless. Troublesome di stan t j ourneys, bad vis ion, scient ific inclinat ion.

Fa lse aqual ntanccs a nd frie nds, de spai r in love affairs, if aspected by Moon- physician ; if by Sun - successful politici an. Sa tu rn is fa vourable in upachayasthanas i. Pisces: Not loquac ious, deliberat ive. Combinations with planets Mere: Despondency, poor memory, lack ofscl f- confidence, nervousness, rhe umatism, facult ies dulled. Jup: Laziness, sleeping sickness, hi gh b. Ven: Diseases of eyes, se x or bladder. Rahu: Fear compl ex, chronicity, hysteria, seclusion.

Kethu: Dehydrat ion, intest ines troubles; appe ndici tis, abnormalities in pitui tary glands. Some Observations I. In Sagittarius- known as kodanda semi, in angfes-knovvn as kantaka sani. Saturn looses much of his malefic nature. It makes one cultured, we ll behaved, calm, honou red by all, righteous, stra ight for ward and free from dangers.

A pucca Saturn ine has a disability to stret ch or fo ld his hands and legs fully. It is the great es t stablilising planet which makes a ma n hard-boiled, industri ous and of a plodding nature. Sat urn's aspe ct is a lways bad and is more powerful than occupation. Saturn cools down when he j oi ns his dispositor or is in own ho use.

Combust Saturn gives an insignifi cant and miserable ex iste nce. Rahu in 7th, Saturn in 8th and Mars in 6th house- one loses his wife. Retrograde Sat urn as pect ing retrograde Ma rs is doubly evil but get miti gated if lagna lord is very powerful. Saturn in 3rd from Mars -little happiness from brot hers.

Saturn in 12th from Sun - checkered prosperity to fathe r. Saturn in trik -native faces initia l disappointments and fr ustrati ons in the matter of employ ment and earnings. Saturn in 12th in neecha gives wasteful expenditure, frictions in family. Saturn in8t h or 12th -l itt le domest ic peace, muc h wa steful expendi ture , family circle inimical.

Saturn re lated to 10th - more work. Saturn aspects lagna - loathsome, sluggish. Saturn and Mars aspect lagna - irascible temper. Saturn with debi litated lagnesh - inferiority complex. Saturn in J rd, 6th or 10th - devoted to one's mother. Saturn Mars Rahu' s sambandha in 2nd or 7th - obstruction in early stage, hard work, no job satisfaction, irritable. Saturn in 12th, Sun in 6th -diseased body. Saturn Moon in 7th make the native normal but highly ambitious.

Saturn' s afflict ion to Moon and its influence in sign Cancer gives inferiority complex. Saturn' s affliction to Mercury, and its influence in sign Gemi ni or Virgo gives nervousness. Saturn' s affliction to Venus and its influence in sign Taurus or Libra gives love of luxury and carna l pleasures. Both Saturn and Jupi ter if strong, one is balanced, composed. Saturn in lagna with a malefic in 7th - impotent, no conjugal happiness. Saturn in kendra to Moon - delays and obstacles in life's progress, mental depression, sluggish response to j oys of life.

Saturn as' atamkaraka in Pisces navarnsa- resignation of worldly things. Saturn in Aquarius adversel y affects the life prospects of the relat ion represented by the house where Aquarius sign falls Saturn in 5th or 8th in Aquarius hanns child and wife respectively. Saturn in Iagna coinciding with signs 1,2,3.

Saturn in 2nd from Moon makes one vigorous and dashing. Saturn in vargollama in Leo - influx of wealth. Transit Saturn when retrograde comes on a planet in 6th gives illness. Saturn or Rahu behind Moon either in rast or navamsa by a rasi or longitude, it generates mahashakti yoga. One is destined to go far in life and progress in whatever activity one is engaged. It results in abundant courage and tolerance and immense success in one' s efforta.

Jf Sun is in 5th from Moon. Saturn in swan. Saturn in mak ha, poorvaphalgun i constellation - stay away from home. Natives born in any ofthe Sun stars, are raised to zenith of their life during Saturn dasa. If Saturn transits Capricorn and Saturn period is on - a wiping out of the past occurs with a new lease on life for the future. Transit Saturn. Saturn and Rahu aspect on weak lagnesh- diabetic. Weak and afflicted Saturn in lagna with a malefic in 7th- impotent. Saturn in 8th in female chart - married life unromantic and charmless.

Saturn in Capricorn-success in business; in Aquarius- power and position. Saturn in kendra to Moon - sluggish response to j oys of life , mind loses some of its buoyancy, obstac les in life's progress. Saturn in kendra- nishakama karmi. Saturn or Mars or Rahu or Kcthu in 6th, 8th or 12th in watery sign- diabetes. Saturn in 12th-fond of sleeping. It is the most effect ive planet in bringing leadership ability and success in one' s career. Its stands for the discipline needed for leadership and success. Combinations of Saturn with planeu Sat Rahu: Base perversions, frigidity, unhealthy competition.

Effects of Saturn for different ascendants: Ar ies-malefic; Taurus-yogakaraka; Gemi ni-benefic; Ca ncer-ma lefic; Leo-malefic; Virgo-natural; Li bra-yogakaraka; Scorpio-natural; Sagittarius-malefic; Ca pricor n-benefic; Aquarius-benefic; Pisces-malefic. Sat urn rep resents dtuuu meta ls. Aprislttodllya planet.

Debilitated Exalted in Taurus Exalted In Taurus Exalted 3rd vlewr- 4th vlew:- 2nd view:- Literall y speaking, nodes Rahu and Kcthu arc simply two sensitive points on t he eclipt ic where the plane of Moon' s orbit intersects the plane of Sun's orbit. They are always 0 apart and in astrology their importance is in no way less t han that of any planet. Though by nature evil; yet they tum benefics with benefics. Rahu is like Saturn and is a cold planet. Kethu is like Mars and is a hoi planet. Rahu is a friend of Mercury but is an enemy of Jupiter.

Kethu is a friend of Jupiter and an enemy of Mercury. Rahu and Kcthu have mutual friendship with Saturn and Venus only. Rahu is specially hostile to the Sun and Kethu to the Moon. Cancer Virgo Sag. Cancer Scorpio.

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Whenever Rahu is in one sig n, Kct hu wi ll always be in the oppos ite sign. So nature of Rahu as given above means same nature for Kethu in the sign 7th to it. Nodes in angles with t rinallords or in trines with angular lords become yogakarkas and give auspicious results. Rahu and Kethu when posited in kendraot kona become yogakarakas ifthey are connected wit h t he lords ofone of these houses. Their conjunction with the lord of a trikona is benefi cial anywhere in the chart.

If Rahu or Kcthuoccu pies the 7t h or the 2nd house in conj unction with or aspected by t he lord of the 5th or of tile 9th house, wealth, long life and stat us will be confer red on the native. Nodes in a dual sign with or aspected by angular or trinallords give name fame and wea lth during their dasa. Rahu or Ket hu conj oined wit h the lord of a trikona and posited in the 9th or the 10th will act beneficia lly. The Sun and the Moon suffer the most when they come in close contact with Rahu or Kethu.

Rahu and t he Sun combinat ion causes loss of profess ion and prest ige, adversely affects father' s hea lth. Rahu-Moon contact witho ut any beneficial aspect gives rise to hysteria, menta l depression, lunacy or religious mania except for Scorpio lugna nat ives. It adversely affects native' s mother. Mars with node s makes a person violent. Such a person cannot cont rol his anger.

Somet imes, murderous tende ncy appears. Mercury conjoined wit h Rahu or Kcthu wi ll make the person suffer from a disease that cannot be diagnosed or cur ed. Even nervous breakdown or insa nity is caused. Venus in close associat ion wit h Rahu or Kethu gives perverse sex outlook and absence of aes thet ic sense.

Saturn so conj o ined gives rise to mela nchol ia, suicidal tendency and cr imina l bent of mind, hut under aspect of Jupiter he produces a great yogi. Nodes 37 b Rahu. Rahu in Gemini in angle or trine gives political power and prosperity. Rahu inAries. Taurus, Cancer gives wealth, educat ion, favor from Government and a good beautiful married partner.

Rahu ill Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces with thei r dispositors in angles or konas therefrom, Rahu gives excellent results. Nodes normally produce bad results when placed in the rasis of the luminaries Sun and Moon. It is said that Rahu depicts the state of past sins committed by a person and Kcthu provides means for mit igat ing the evil effects ofth osc sins and so aets as a balancing power. Rahu is more earthly and gives mundane prosper ity, Kethu signifies salvation to human souls.

Whenever Rahu or Ket hu transit the 4t h house from the dasa lord, they cause upheavals, turmoil and other sad result s during his transit. If Rahu or Kethu is placed in the 7th or the 2nd house and a malefic planet be conjoined with the lord of the 7th or the 2nd, deat h wi ll occur during the dasa of that malefic planet. Mercury-nodes combinat ion makes one eccentric with perverse intelli gence, cunning, deceptiv e thievish. Jupiter- nodes combination gives destroys sauwic qua lities of Jupiter and nat ive scoffs at reli gion, and makes one an unorthodox, antagonistic.

Venus-nodes combination gives perversi ty in sexual outlook, sense of beauty and aestheti c apprec iation arc marred, it affects nat ive' s health and character. In female chart it gives widowhood. Sat urn-nodes combinati on gives melancholia, pessimism, criminal tendency, endency to commit suic ide, and makes one rude, angry, impolite, impote nt, quarrel some, and accident prone. Rahu in 6th bestows wealth and longevity whi le Kct hu in 12th gives moksha after full enjoyment of matcrial benefits.

Nodes wit h Sun in 8th affect longevity. Rahu denotes attachment, Kethu detachment. Ket hu or Rahu j oining Mars in any sign gives hydrocele, hernia or bladder defect. Dispositors of nodes are known as "Karmic control planets" and if they conjoin in a good house, they give raj ayoga. Nodes in marakasthanas if aspected by or conjoined with lords of 5 or 9th, do not cause death. All major events, twists and turns of the native' s life are connected with the two houses tenanted by Nodes.

Lagna or navamsa lagna on Rahu IKethuaxis ina female chart indicates cesarean delivery. Rahu or Kethu with Mars gives hasty nature andj udgement, cruelty and accidents. As per Satyacharya smuggling, spy, s uici de, venomous, repti les, widow, Rahu rules over professions attributed wrestler, hunters, slavery, short temper, southwest, stones. Directi on: South west. Deity: Mahashakti, Nagaraja. Bee] mant ra: Om bhraam bhreem bhraum se rahuve namah times in 40 days. Vedic mantra: 3lofq;rzj mt I I Articles o f donation : Sarson, mooli, blanket, til, lead, saffron, samaja mixed seven gra ins , coa l on thursday even ing or monday morning.

Irascible, rheumatic, fierce looking, tall stature, black complexion. Feet and breathing. Materia lism, oldis h look and bald, planet of transcendental ism, the lord of the sign where it is posited. Promi ne nt qualit ies: Vairagayakaraka, jnanakaraka. Kala sarpa yoga: Is formed when all the planets arc hemmed between Rahu and Ket hu.

The nat ive has ups and downs throughout his life. He suffers more when " nodes in transit come cl ose to the nodes in natal. This bad yoga becomes kalamrila yoga if Ket hu comes first afte r lagna and Rahu afte rward s. In that case the evility of this yoga gets annulled. This yoga is a lso annulled if Rahu is in vlsakha constellation - 0 Libra.

Its effects arc felt ge nerally throughout li fe or are keen ly fe lt during periods of nodes or when nodes transit the lgna or Moo n or Sun in natal chart. Any benefi c aspect on lagna or lagnesh sha ll mini mi se its bad effect s. Rahu in houses 1st : Weak hea lt h, will fa ce many family int r igue s, talkat ive, unprincipled, projecting teeth, sel fi sh, takes up avocation whic h nat ive feels below dignity, deep think er, of rigid character. Sth: 1st issue femal e, limited progeny, short tempered, nasal sound, if i ll aspcctcd-a bscntmi ndcdncss and forgetfu lness.

Rahu' s dasa leads one to add ict ions or infatu at ion wit h someone. Rahu in signs A r ies : Acq uisi tion of landed propert y, happiness to family, not straightforward. Taurus: Acqui sition ofpro- perty and wea lth, honor from public a nd st at e, sou nd education, emot ional. Ge mini: Worrie s from enemies Govt.

Cancer: Wealth, power, posi- tion, pub lic favor, acq uisitionof landed propert y, deceitful. Vir go: Domest ic ha pp ine ss, prosp eri ty In na tive pl ace, responsible position in publi c bodies or in government, writer, singer. Scorpio: Victory over enem- ies, Govt. Sag itt a r iu s : Defeat In a ll atte mpts, loss of property, ill- fee lings of rel at i ves. If well conjoi ned or aspected- success in attempts, attains name fame and wealth, religious. Rahu and J up it er in 8th give stomach diseases. If constel lat io n of Mar s or Keth u is invo lved one un dergoes an ope rat ion.

If Rahu is in Moon ' s s ign or is in 3rd , 9t h, 10th from Mo o n, t he nati ve l ives a pri nc ely life a nd becomes unusuall y rich in o ld age. Rahu i n 6th o r 12t h f ro m Moon gives wea lth, po wer, lan ded propert y. Rahu in 4th or 10th from Moon mak es o ne sick ly and parents are worri ed fo r h im. Rahu i n 2nd o r I I t h fro m Moon makes one shame less, poor. Vish-s huta dosha; If in th e mahadasa o f Rahu, Rah u in gochara trans its 1st , 2nd, 3rd, 5t h, 22n d and 2 5t h cons te llation fr om t he on e occup ied by Rahu in nat al cha n , unt oward th ings happen affecti ng one's reput at ion and occupat ion.

Rahu i n s ign Vi rgo, Scorpio or Pi sc es and t he ir lo rds in kendratkonas t he re from , Rahu gives excellent resu lt s. Rahu Moon comb inat io n makes one schi zoph reni cs or o f spl it pe rsona lit ies. Rahu Moon Mercury combinat io n gi ves clouded t hin kin g, cons ta nt ly ha rbors sus pi cions. Rahu i n 5t h g ives ed uca t io nal d ist inct ion if Mcrcury is well placed. Afflict ed-Rub u in 9t h g ives fa na t ic ou t look, cunni ng crue l, mo ut hing ho ly words bu t bad fr om insi de. Rahu in 10t h w it h a tri na l lord gives excell cn t career oppo rt uniti es, even in a fo reign land and one is ge nius in his f ie ld of ac tiv ity.

Rahu or Keth u in 2 nd or 7t h co njoi ned wit h or aspccted by lord o f 5th or 9th g ive s long li fe, wea lt h etc. Rah u a ffficti ng lagnesh or Moon i ll a wa tery s ign gives eczema. Rahu is sudhapoyl one who had drunk nectar. In view of t h is some ast ro loge rs, con sider Rah u as a be ne fic and a pl an et in conjunc t io n wit h it proves high ly posi t ive and beneficia l. Hocvever, thi s point needs research.

Rahu aff l ict ing lagnesh o r Moon in wa tery s ign gi ves eczema. Direction: No rth West. Lucky stone : Cat's eye, lapuz lazulli , Deity: Ganpat i, Bhairav. Bee] mantra : Om Jraam sreem sraum se ketuve namah 17 t imes in 40 days. App ea ran ce : Tall stature, eas ily excitab le. Governs: nelly. Ailme nts : Enlargeme nt of sp leen, cataract, hydrocele, lung trouble, fever, stomac h pain, pa in in body, diseases from unknown causes, undi agnosed di seases, epidemi cs, erupt ive feve r, cuts, wounds, itches , boi ls, skin diseases.

Prominent qualities': Mokasha karka, marti al and spirit ual planet, a mysterious, decept ive, secretive and intriguing pl anet. If Kcthu is in 12th aspcctcd by Jupi ter one can ex pect one' s l iberation of soul. A planet in Kethu ' s co nstellat ion is not so bad as Moon and Mercury. Keth u in 2nd to Sat urn does give a boost in spir itual ac hievement s.

Ket hu co nju nct Mercury gives specializat ion, ana lyt ical int ell ect. Kethu-Moo n associ at ion gi ves lust for power, tyrannical, rut hles s. Ket hu-Saturn conj unct in 7th gives t roubl e through boils in anus. Kethu in lagna gives health problems. Native takes medici nes regularl y though not a serious disease. Ket hu in 11th 6th to 6 is di seas e giver. Kethu-Mars co nj unct in 4t h or9th makes one's fat her short-l ived. Kethu in 6t h if as pected by Sat urn gives di seases in its antradasa. Dasa of star lord of Ket hu gives misfortunes of vari ous kinds. Kethu in 12t h gives financi al ac hievement in its dosa, Dasa of constellati on lord of Ket hu gives misfort unes.

Kethu and Venus in Virgo makes one deal in wines and also addicted to dri nks. If Venus or 7 th lord conj oins or t rines Kethu, mar ried life is not harmoni ous. Kethu In hous es 1st: Sickly, morbid th ink ing, exci ta bi lity, wander ing natu re, worr ied over family, wind y co mplaints , if benefic as pects-leads happy life. In good s igns gi ves good relat ion and dwell ing far away, one is deprived of property.

Taurus: Pi l gr image an d re ligious fu nc ti on, association with the learned, success over enemies, lazy, lust y. Gemini : Ac quis it ion of conveyance, i nte l lige nce , fame , pr esident ship of a co mpany! Cancer: Loss of we alt h, removal from nati ve place, hi gh spir it ua l attainment, unhappy.

Kethu 45 7t h: Spoils mar ried life, humi l iation due to disres pect, compa ny of had women, disease in urin ary tr act s, loss of wife or viri lity, imbecile, s infu l, gambler, outspoken wife with a lashing tongue, wife ill, fear of watery accidents. Benefi ci al if in sign 1, 2, 3, 6, or 8 1h , it brings prowess and great popularity. If affl ict ed-commits sin s, spen ds on bad purposes, wealt h destroyed, hos pital izat ion int uit ive t ime gi ft s, may live in sp iritua l com munity or ashram. Libra: Wealthy, good friends, cordial relations with all , lusty, skin problems.

Understanding the Basics and Definition of Astrology

Scorpio: Defeat and distress all rounds, shor t-tempered, deceitful, clever. Sagittarius: Social functions at home , responsi ble pos iti on, in crease of reputation, association wi th saints. Capricorn: All r ound troubles, hard working, bold, famous. Aquarius: Increase in debts, s ickness, danger t hrough machi ne tools, unhappy, fond oftravels, wanderer. Pisces : Publ ic cognition , advancement in st udies, v..

II is an ubhodaya planet. Negative t rai ts : Fickle minded, quick tempered, ex t re mis t, bot-const itutio n, rash, rest less, sel fish, unsubtle. Posit ive traits: Dynamic and creat ive, original and independent, abundant energy, forceful, pioneering, adve nt urer , enterprisi ng, co urageous, freedom loving, assert ive, frank, vitality, deci siveness, power to adjust to circumstances, ambit ious, planni ng abi lity, strong will power, heroic, selfconfidant, love for art elegance and beauty, is a leader, takes risks for others. Symbol: t he ram. Benefi cs: Sun. Mars, Jupiter.

Malefics: Venus. Neutral: Nil. Yogakarakas: Jupi ter, Sun. Ideal match slgns: Leo, Libra. Moon' s auspicious degree: 21 Inausp icious degrees: go. Lucky numbers: 9, 1,4, 8,2,3,5 Lucky da ys: Tuesday. Sat urday, Frid ay Lucky gems: Red coral in copper in Ist finger, ruby, pearl , garnet. Lucky colo urs: Red , ye llow, copper, go lden; black be avoided. Day of fast: Tuesday. Controls or governs: Vita lity, lunac y, meningit is. Characterist ics of Aries: Fiery. Mova ble, cham rast. Bar ren. Male masculine. Quadru ped. Nocturna l. Short ascension. Vaisakha 15 April - 15 May.

Blind at mid-nig ht. Lunar sector. Dhatu metal s minerals clay. Kshatriya warrior class. Aries Ali ens a. Glands, nerves, arteries: Pineal gland, arteries to head and brain. Possible diseases: Brain derangement or fever, headache, apoplexy, insomnia, pyorrhea. Dhana yogas for Aries Idgna 1. Mars Jup iter Saturn in Sth. Sun in 5th. Mars and Moon in l l th. Vcnusin 12th. Planct s in l Oth give wealth from its karkauawa. Jupiter in kendra from Moon gives landed property.

Moon Mars conjoi n in auspicious house. Venus Sat urn in 4th. Sun Moon ill auspicious house s give power and position. Mars in lagna, either conj unct or aspected by Mercury, Venus and Saturn.

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Mars in lagna and Venus in 11th. Some observations when Aries is lagnd I. Rajayoga is 1I 0t produced by combinat ion of Jupiter and Saturn. Mars becomes a maroka in conjunct ion with Mercury 4. Mars in conjunction with Venus becomes a maraka, but gives rajayoga. Mars Jupiter Venus combination in 2nd give immense wealth. Mars Jupiter or Mars Jupiter Moon combination in 4th confer rajayoga: 7. Mars in 5th confers fame in his dasa but unhappiness in respect ofchildrcn. Jupiter ill II th fails to give any yoga in his dasa.

Mars Mercury in 6 th give wounds, skin troubl e in their dasas. Venus Mars in 7t h is favorable or self acquisition of fortune and wealt h. Venus Sun in 1st give fame but it is still better if Jupiter aspects them. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction to the Second Edition The development of astronomy in the last ten years has been nothing short of explosive. This second edition of The New Cosmos, considerably revised and enlarged, tries to share this development with its readers.

Let us mention a few key words: from mo on landings, planetary probes, aild continental drift through pulsars, X-ray and y-ray sources, interstellar molecules, quasars, and the structure and evolution of stars and stellar systems right up to cosmological models. As before, the most important task of this book is to give a not too difficult introduction to present-day astronomy and astrophysics, both to the student of astronomy and to the specialist from a neighboring discipline.

We therefore draw to the attention of the reader, as an essential part of our description, the numerous illustrations-many of them new-and their detailed captions. As far as possible we link a description of important observations with basic features of the theory. On the other hand, when it comes to detail we often content ourselves with abrief description, leaving the detailed explanation to the specialist literature.

The transition to the specialist literature should be eased by the Bibliography at the end of the book. Important new investigations are noted in the text by their year, not so much for historical reasons as to enable the original work to be found in the Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts on. Astronomie astronomy astrophysics cosmology galaxy milky way planet quasar sun.