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Or is it a "digital bonus" only? Thanks for asking, Cyndee. I hope this does not add confusion but helps to clarify. Interesting question! This is a theory I have about the moon I have always been interested in the fact that the same side of the moon always faces us. The reason for this is unknown at this time or at least unproven. It could be coincidental that the moon rotates perfectly, so that we only see the same side all of the time.

I don't think that is very likely.

Table of Eclipse Dates from 1994 to 2030

I have questioned this observation before and the explanation provided at the time was that it was due to tidal pull. That's possible, but I personally think it could be due to the fact that the moon's gravity is uneven. Satellites have documented that the gravitational pull on the moon is uneven which could result in what we are seeing now. And that being so, it would be like a beach ball with a weight taped to one side of it having the heavier side roll on a hard surface so that the heaviest side would be facing downward.

This could be the reason that the part of the moon's surface that has a higher mass always faces towards the earth. I came up with this idea many years ago and it could be a valid answer to the problem. What do others think? Are there other moons or planets that rotate showing the same side like our moon?

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I'm not aware of any, but it might help solve the question if there were. Interesting theory; I thought the size of the moon is the same as the earth when seen from a distance; seems pretty incredible to me; thanks!!! Beavers are a very important component of the Earth's Ecology; Beavers clear the woods by using branches to build dams; those dams create small ponds intermittently dotted in woods; With the decline of Beavers; we have more dry wood; and fewer ponds; resulting in "wildfires"; The Beavers themselves are mother natures unseen "Fire Prevention brigade.

Hey first time here so here goes. For the last month, Nov , I've seen a very bright light in the east, south east sky early in the morning. Can you tell me what it is? Its very odd for me to ask if it is a full moon however i just felt it. I know that may seem weird but i feel there is more too the moon than what meets the eye. So many things happen on full moons that goes unexplained. What is it NASA will not say? Somehow we are connected to the moons force. What does it mean when you can still see the moon during daylight hours? Sometimes, even though it is broad daylight I can see the moon.

12222 Full Moon Dates and Times

What are the circumstances that make that possible? Good question. Or, look before a Full Moon in the afternoon. What does it mean when your birthday falls on a Super moon. Not the moon phase at the time of your birth, but when your birthday this year, Nov.

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I find that the full moon the stars and space is also interesting. Tonight I took some pictures of the full moon I'll try to send one. Is there a reason why? Others think that this is a myth. Several scientific studies have not been able to prove the correlation. That said, we always welcome all perspectives and your thoughts on the matter. Ask any Nurse or Doctor that works in Labor and Delivery they will tell you, yes more babies are born during the new and full moons.

Please solve the debate with my son - as the descriptions appear inconsistent Great question!

You know you have something substantial to work with, something of substance to say, convey, or promote. The solar eclipse on January 5 solidifies the facts. It also marks a time is right moment to make it official, i. The eclipse can also see you complete something important, i. If it has reached its expiry date or is beyond its usefulness, so be it.

Your Guide to Lunar & Solar Eclipses in 12222 and How They’ll Affect Your Life

Replace it with something fresh instead. Jupiter and Neptune keep ample potential on the go, but they also keep a good deal of guesswork or uncertainty going strong too.

Taurus November 2019 ~ ECLIPSE NEWS FOR TAURUS & MORE ~ Astrology ~ Horoscope

One thing surpassed or accomplished is a building block set in place. Through the middle of February, Mars in Aries will keep you fighting the good battle regarding the work, your health, and the must-do list. Carve out time to get your writing done or to get your game plan together. Mars is a quick cut-to-the-chase transit, but Chiron will tenant Aries through Uranus has spent the past seven years in Aries.

Uranus, the great awakener, has completed its mission in Aries and now Chiron in Aries will call the warrior self to assume position as the frontrunner, mentor, and healer for the wounded self. Via Chiron in Aries, you have set an important task for yourself. There is nothing small or insignificant about the purpose of the mission.

It provides significant learning and growth potential for both the ego self and the soul self. Chiron in Aries brings karmic destiny into play regarding the teachers, the teachings, the learning curve, your work, and physical healing. The world — its views, its needs, its social politics, its everyday reality — is changing and rapidly too.

Over the coming year, Uranus in Taurus, starting March 6 , will prompt significant social, material and lifestyle re-invention. No doubt, it has already begun. Karmic destiny or fruition is in the mix. It could be a milestone, a career high, a settlement or award, recognition or reward for something you have worked on or accomplished in the past.

Someone important to you may have significant news or may be influential in taking you to the next level.

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Of course, please be reminded that eclipses must make a direct contact to your natal chart for it hold significant impact. Those born on or around October 25 will feel this eclipse as a major catalyst. July 2 delivers a total solar eclipse in emotional and nurturing Cancer. The lunar eclipse on July 16 is particularly influential for those born on or near November